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About Us

The Undergraduate Student Chapter of the Cornell Center for Health Equity was established in the summer of 2019. We are a group of undergraduate students who met through the Urban Semester: Practicing Medicine Program in New York City, organized by Dr. Sam Beck. By participating in seminars taught by Weill professors including Dr. Monika Safford and Dr. Susana Morales, we learned about the numerous economic and social factors that are closely tied to a patient’s health status. By shadowing doctors at NewYork-Presybeterian hospitals and engaging in ethnographic research, we experienced first-hand how the social determinants of health contribute to the differences in people’s access to healthcare, health decisions and outcomes. We hope to continue this learning experience and engage more pre-health students in becoming advocates for health equity. 

CCHEq Undergraduate Student Chapter is affiliated with the Cornell Center for Health Equity (CCHeq), a university-wide initiative at Cornell’s New York City and Ithaca campuses. 

CCHeq website:

Dr. Avery August, CCHeq Co-Director:

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